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Position Papers

QSITE Position Papers

QSITE has taken a lead role in promoting effective integration of ICT.

QSITE Position Papers

In February 2005, QSITE launched the first of many position statements. This one was targeted at the most effective model of ICT related professional development for teachers.

The position statement was developed as a result of a research project conducted throughout 2004 – in response to concerns raised on the various QSITE discussion lists. The position statement and the research report are all available for download. From the research report, the QSITE Board have developed a QSITE PD Sub Group to develop the findings further.

To date we have taken the four elements found to be critical for effective ICT related PD for teachers, and developed a variety of planning and feedback sheets that may be used by Chapters and Schools when developing a PD program for their staffs.

Historically, QSITE has taken a lead role in promoting effective integration of ICT. One example of note is the online course which QSITE has run such as Reinventing Practice.