QSITE Conference 2018 Workshops

creativITy ’18 Program: Day 1

QSITE connects and supports educators, institutions and their stakeholders so they may fully explore the opportunities Information Communication Technologies bring to Queensland education and its classrooms every day.

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QSITE Annual Conference 2018

Program: Day 1

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Workshops – Thursday, 5 July

Digital Technologies Curriculum

Full Day Workshop

In this workshop you will gain hands on experiences  with free, classroom-ready resources that support you to implement the Digital Technologies Curriculum. You will deep dive into Blockly and Python programming in what will cover the coding aspects of the Years 5-6 and 7-8 curriculum, focusing on defining and decomposing real-world problems, designing algorithms and implementing programs.

Presenters: Australian Computing Academy

Ben Paparoulas – Computing Education Specialist at the ACA and manages the Computer Assisted Learning Environment (CalEN) project at Beenleigh State School.

Karsten Shulz – Deputy Academic Director of the ACA and an Associate Professor in the School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney.

Empowering a new wave of creativity with Windows 10 3D for everyone

Half Day Workshop: Afternoon

Windows 10 now brings so many options to allow students to bring their work to life with 3D. Learn how Paint 3D empowers students to create in 3D with ease. See how these can be viewed in Mixed Reality, added to Office documents, reports and presentations or even movies using Photo Remix. We’ll take a look at all of these tools as well as showcase how you can export 3D objects created in Minecraft Education Edition!

Presenter: Amanda Frampton, Microsoft

Amanda works as part of Microsoft Australia Education.

Computational Thinking Strategies

Half Day Workshop: Morning

Participants will:

  • unpack the Computational Thinking skills in the Digital Technologies curriculum (short presentation)
  • develop a deeper understanding of computational thinking through scaffolded unplugged and device-connected activities including:
    • different types of computational thinking skills
    • sequencing as the first step in algorithmic thinking
    • visual programming languages and simple algorithms in a geometric context
    • how choice (branching) works in algorithmic thinking
    • how data can be useful to teach concepts across learning areas
    • how computational thinking can be used to support literacy and numeracy (hands-on activities)
  • understand the ways computational thinking could be used in everyday teaching and learning activities (discussion).

Presenter: Sarah Hobson

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

We do Collaborate

Half Day Workshop: Morning
Half Day Workshop: Afternoon (repeated)

Collaboration is a critical skill in contemporary education and for success in life. Young students require specific opportunities to practise team work, taking turns, listening and negotiating to develop collaborative skills. Learning about robotics is an engaging and motivating opportunity for students to experience team work.

Through a STEM learning experience, Year 2 students created animated models using LEGO We Do 2.0. The teachers observed the strategies children employed to work effectively to achieve common goals, and their ability to negotiate when creating a shared robotics solution.

In this workshop, participants will be presented with a brief overview of the action research project conducted by the Year 2 teachers at Good News Lutheran School, and then have an opportunity to design and build a robot using a WeDo 2.0 Kit. Participants will require an iPad (or similar device) with the WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education app installed.

Presenter: Jane Batham

Digital Learning Facilitator at Good News Lutheran School, and an Apple Professional Learning Specialist

Introduction to Robotics EV3

Half Day Workshop: Morning

Find out how to excite and inspire your students and discover how to integrate robotics into your curriculum. Learn practical ideas and activities to run in your classroom using the latest LEGO MINDSTORMS system and discover why robotics is fast becoming a major tool in the teaching of the Technology, Maths and Science.

**No prior experience necessary!**

Presenter: Damien Kee, Domabotics

Damien is an independent technology education expert, who specialises in bringing technology concepts to teachers and educators around the world.

Beyond the Basics of Robotics EV3

Half Day Workshop: Afternoon

You’re confident making your robot mover around and react to sensor input, but looking to push your EV3 kit just a little further? In this workshop, teacher will build and program a range of different activities, from classroom attendance counters, to games to Musical Instruments, all with the standard LEGO EV3 kit. Programming topics will include Data Hubs, Wiring, Switches, Variables, Bluetooth and Datalogging.

Presenter: Damien Kee, Domabotics

Damien is an independent technology education expert, who specialises in bringing technology concepts to teachers and educators around the world.

Digital Aviation: Drones – Implementing Drones into the School Curriculum

Half Day Workshop: Morning

Implementing drone technology into the school curriculum can be overshadowed by safety concerns, Australia’s aviation laws and confusion with platform choices? Perfect for beginners or teachers wanting to up-skill, our curriculum applications, tips and tricks will develop teacher skills and knowledge in compliance, safety, risk mitigation (CASR Part 101) and operation requirements before instructing and/or operating in any school setting. Practical Handbook Resource for each participant is included in this program.

Presenter: Cran Middlecoat

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) licensed airline pilot and drone pilot. With over 20 years aviation experience from Aerial stock mustering, flying clinic runs for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in outback Australia, and flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, his qualifications include a Flight Crew Licence, AROC, RePL (Drones) in the fully unlimited category (i.e. any drone, anywhere, anytime). He is also a self-confessed Aerospace Geek, with a serious tinkering habit. His Award-winning aerospace invention created a spectacular STEM resource for the enquiry pathways being used in education nationwide.

Everyone Can Create with iPad

Half Day Workshop: Morning

Creativity helps students become better communicators and problem solvers. Creative thinking leads to deeper engagement, so students take more ownership of their learning. The Everyone Can Create curriculum enables students to express their ideas in any subject. This new resource infuses core creative skills into the topics and subjects you teach.
Join us as we delve into creative classroom experiences that will spark new ideas to support students to develop and communicate their ideas and make meaning for themselves.

Presenter: Linda Pitt, Apple
Linda Pitt is the Development Executive for the Apple Education in QLD and focuses on the effective use of iPad and Mac in learning environments.
Linda has worked previously as the Executive Manager, Learning and Participation at State Library of Queensland and Transformational Learning Manager for the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

Unpacking Senior Digital Solutions

Half Day Workshop: Morning

This half day workshop is designed for teachers preparing for the implementation of the Senior Digital Solutions subject in 2019. The aim of the workshop is to develop a deeper understanding of subject matter prescribed by the syllabus that is new or different to approaches teachers may have used previously. A range of Digital Solutions problem solving phases, technology contexts and units will be considered as participants:

  • Explore a problem in a chosen technology context using a mind map
  • Evaluate a database using normalisation
  • Develop a data flow diagram that symbolises interactions between user interfaces and databases
  • Generate a simple data exchange prototype.

Presenter: Kylie Docherty
Kylie Docherty is a Senior IPT & ITS teacher at Mansfield SHS and co-author of the new Digital Solutions for QCE textbook.

Implementing Senior Digital Solutions

Half Day Workshop: Afternoon

This half day workshop is designed for teachers preparing to implement the new Senior Digital Solutions subject in 2019. The aim of the workshop is to provide a brief overview of the syllabus subject matter and review the process recommended by QCAA for creating a Teaching and Learning Plan (TLAP). Participants will be grouped according to their preferred technology context and provided with opportunities to collaborate to develop their own TLAPs for 2019.

Presenter: Kylie Docherty
Kylie Docherty is a Senior IPT & ITS teacher at Mansfield SHS and co-presenter for some of the QCAA Digital Solutions implementation workshops.


Dean Foley

Founder at Barayamal
Microsoft RAP Advisory Board Member
CSIRO STEM Professional Early Career Award Winner
Entrepreneurship & Economic Development


Dean served five years in the Royal Australian Air Force before founding Australia’s Indigenous business accelerator, Barayamal – now known as a world leader in Indigenous Entrepreneurship. Dean is an action-oriented entrepreneur, Microsoft RAP Advisory Board Member, winner of the Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Entrepreneurship Award, and proud Kamilaroi Man from Gunnedah, NSW.

Julie King

Curriculum Specialist, Technologies
Australian Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting Authority

Julie oversees the development and writing of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies F-10. She has worked as a teacher, distance education writer, curriculum advisor and curriculum developer. Julie has developed and presented a range of professional learning workshops and presentations for technologies educators and professional teachers associations, most recently on the Australian Curriculum: Technologies. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is an independent statutory authority responsible for developing and implementing a national Australian curriculum, the national assessment program and reporting on school performance via MySchool.

James Curran

Academic Director of the Australian Computing Academy
Associate Professor, School of IT, University of Sydney
Director, National Computer Science School

James Curran is the Academic Director of the Australian Computing Academy and an Associate Professor in the School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney. He is Director of the National Computer Science School, the largest computer science school outreach program in Australia. Last year, over 10,000 students and teachers participated in the 5-week NCSS Challenge. James is a co-founder of Grok Learning, an Edtech startup that aims to teach children everywhere to learn to code. He was a writer on the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, the new national computing curriculum. In 2014, James was named ICT Leader of the Year by the ICT Educators of NSW and the Australian Council for Computers in Education.

James Curran

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